Architectural Acoustic Design

Poor acoustic design can blight a new development, resulting in complaints by occupiers, lack of productivity and extensive costs and delays while undertaking remedial works.  Whether it is excessive echo within an open atrium, lack of privacy between cellular offices or meeting rooms, noise from building services equipment or high levels of traffic noise break-in to the chairman's office, ACA Acoustics are able to undertake the required surveys, assessments and provide recommendations to achieve an acceptable solution.

However, by appointing ACA Acoustics at the early stages of the design you can be sure that these and other common acoustic problems are considered at the outset and the finished building is fit-for-purpose from the start.  Designing for acoustics in architecture requires not only a high degree of technical acoustic knowledge but also good creative knowledge based on experience of similar situations.  ACA Acoustics has extensive experience in architectural acoustic design over a wide variety of demanding and sensitive spaces, including:

We are able to provide detailed and effective acoustic design at all stages throughout the design with solutions that meet your specific requirements..

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