Planning for Building Services Equipment - BS 4142:2014

Where an application for planning permission is submitted for new building services equipment (e.g. air conditioning condensers, kitchen extract fans, CHP units, etc.) or for a new industrial process (machine or factory, etc.) the Local Authority will normally request that an assessment of noise to nearby noise-sensitive properties is carried out.

Many Local Authorities have their own individual policies to assess noise-generating development, however these are almost universally based on the assessment methodology of BS 4142:2014; requiring the specific noise of the new equipment to be compared against the lowest measured background noise levels.

ACA Acoustics will undertake a background noise survey in the vicinity of the site and carry out acoustic calculations and assessment against the Local Authority’s requirements. Where necessary specification of an appropriate noise mitigation strategy will be provided.

As we do not supply any acoustic products nor have any financial links with acoustic hardware manufacturers, you can be sure that any treatments specified are both necessary and best practice for your requirements.

Note that although BS 4142:2014 does provide a useful assessment method to ascertain the likelihood of compliant due to new equipment or industrial processes it does have a number of limitations which should be considered by an experienced acoustic consultant, such as ACA Acoustics. In addition the Scope of the Standard sets out the limited range of situations where it is appropriate; the Standard is often misused on applications outside of this range by other less experienced consultants.

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