Planning for Residential Developments - PPG24

ACA Acoustics has worked on planning applications from large-scale residential or mixed-use developments to small projects for the change-of-use of an office to a single residential flat. We work with architects, planning consultants, developers, builders and owners, and as a result we understand how acoustic assessments fit into the planning and development process.

Assessments of noise to proposed new residential developments are commonly referred to as “PPG24 assessments” or “PPG24 surveys”.

Although still often referred to as PPG24 assessments, The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) was published in March 2012 and replaced the previous Planning Policy Guidance documents, including PPG24 which have now been withdrawn. The NPPF sets out the Government’s planning policies for England, providing a framework within which Local Authorities can produce their own distinctive local and neighbourhood plans, which reflect the needs and priorities of their communities. When developing their own policies relating to noise Local Authorities are expected to consider Government’s long-term policy aims set out in Noise Policy Statement for England (NPSE).

Many Local Authorities’ existing policies still refer to PPG24 and therefore, although withdrawn, an assessment in accordance with this Guidance may still be undertaken where relevant. However, the introduction of the NPPF and NPSE allows a far greater degree of flexibility when assessing noise to proposed new residential developments. ACA Acoustics are able to consider each site on an individual basis allowing the best chance for a positive outcome to your planning application.

All acoustic reports submitted in support of planning applications for new residential developments include detailed assessment of the sound insulation of the building façade in accordance with BS 8233:2014 and BS EN ISO 12354-3:2000. Where necessary recommendations to improve the sound insulation of the proposed construction are specified.

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