Vibration Surveys and Assessments

Ground-borne vibration from external sources such as nearby railway lines to noise-sensitive developments or structure-borne vibration from building services equipment or activities within a mixed-use development, such as from free-weights being dropped in a fitness gym or from a bowling alley, can cause significant disturbance to occupants and over time can cause structural damage to the building itself.

ACA Acoustics have the experience and expertise to undertake detailed measurements of existing vibration levels, undertake assessments in accordance with BS6472 and other relevant Standards and guidance documents and provide recommendations to control vibration to an acceptable level.

Assessments of vibration from proposed new sources, including building services equipment or activities with likelihood to cause high levels of vibration can be undertaken at early stages of the design to ensure that suitable mitigation measures are incorporated into the design and acceptable vibration and vibration-induced noise levels are achieved.

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